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spirulina italiana del cilento
spirulina italiana del cilento
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About us

Spirulina PAM is produced by the farm PAM (Production Algae Micro) is a craft farm that uses cutting-edge systems for the production of micro-algae (spirulina). It is born in the heart of the Cilento, in a fertile land, home of the Mediterranean diet and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. From the monitoring of water quality, from compliance with the law on protected areas and conservation of biodiversity ecosystems, Cilento won the banner of “5 sails” the prestigious Blue Guide of Legambiente and Touring Club for the Protection of Land and sea.

The company PAM was founded by curiosity and passion that characterized studies of its founder for microalgae, for the first organisms that make up the progenitors of life on earth.

Grown, harvested, dried and packaged on the holding of Cilento placed between sea and hills, the SPIRULINA PAM is 100% Italian.

The company respects the highest standards of quality from the beginning of the production process:

– Rigorous HACCP protocols
– Thorough microbiological analysis
– Monitoring of every step from specialists

The Spirulina PAM does not contain additives, thickeners and other ingredients and it is 100% pure.

An added bonus is the use of photobioreactors for cultivation of seaweed, a more advanced and secure technology than traditional methods in use.


What are the photobioreactors?

The traditional methods for the cultivation of photosynthetic microorganisms avail themselves of the use of reservoirs / tanks. The photobioreactors, instead, are part of a type of modern technology and in continuous development. Those used in the ‘PAM company are tubular / cylindrical shape made of PE and exposed to direct sunlight.

The entire system was designed and built to enable the achievement of high levels of concentration of Spirulina within the same crop. Using special equipment for controlling pel pH and temperature are ensured the best growing conditions.

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Edoardo Leggieri, founder Alghe PAM, is the scientific and operational focus.

Has developed its expertise in the production of Micro Algae dealing with aquaculture from 2005 to 2010 and achieving, at the University of Naples “Federico II”, a degree in Biology of Marine Productions before then that the three-year Degree with 110 / praise .

Open to the alternative world Food has, on the one hand, studied plants producing microalgae preparing new concept designs and, secondly, has developed original cultivation methods and tools inspired to photobioreactors, designed to make it simple, feasible, sustainable production in order to obtain an optimum product.

Stefania Esposito is social media specialist and PR. Degree in Biology and has been taking care of webwriter, marketing and communications. Always passionate about cooking and convinced that food is the best weapon for a general well-being and prevention, for years has approached the world of healthy food, organic agricolture and km0.