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Health Benefits

Spirulina is defined as "Super Food" for its high content of micro and macro nutrients. Among them there was the highest concentration of protein than other foods. It contains more beta-carotene than carrots, more iron than spinach and more calcium than milk.

OMS defines Spirulina as "The Best Food for Humanity in the 21st Century": It is a natural food that is good for children, adults and the elderly and produces many benefits



The PAM company pursues the mission of any activity that tends to spread healthy nutrition: that of soliciting, maintaining and improving the health of consumers.

It grows and sells spirulina which is one of the most qualified foods for this purpose, in particular, it grows and sells the best quality Spirulina because it is obtained with photobioreactors which guarantee algae superior quality than traditional ones.

The PAM company also completes the goodness of its Spirulina, drying it at low temperatures (35/42 C ̊). The company makes fast shipments to every location.





Spirulina is a super food and is one of the most nutritionally powerful foods on the planet. A blue-green algae, which offers a wide variety of proteins, vitamins, minerals, traces of minerals, essential fatty acids, phytonutrients and antioxidants.